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    Schmuck 2015 Day 5 “Last Day”

    Schmuck 2015 Day 5 “Last Day”

    Schmuck 2015 “Schmuck Day”

    Schmuck Day!

    Lux is the dealer-Noon Passama04
    Schmuck 2015 Day 3

    Highlights from Munich day 3

    Schmuck 2015 Day 2

    Highlights from Munich day 2

    Schmuck day 1

    First day of Schmuck 2015

    The Podcast Carrots and Carats

    In the very first episode we dine with Nina Sajet.

    Art Jewellery in Gothenburg

    It is time for New Adventures in Jewellery

    Karl Apparel Schmuck 2014_thumb2
    Jewelry art by Eunmi Chun

    Unusual materials that will take you to an unexpected figurative world

    Karl Apparel Heng Lee Thumb
    Pixels and florals by Heng Lee

    Stunning jewelry art from Taiwan – mixing old and new techniques

    karl Schmuck 2014 thumb
    David Bielander: Demiurge

    A highlight from Schmuck 2014 – jewelry adventure in Munich.

    Karl Apparel Schmuck 2014_thumb
    Schmuck 2014

    Fresh report from Art Jewelry central!

    A jewel worth a thousand words

    Wear an important message

    karl apparel  Panjapol Kulpapangkorn brooch thumb
    I Light You!

    New piece in our collection, straight from Thailand.

    In the workshop…

    …cool things are cooking!

    Hanna Liljenberg – Vanitas

    Off the wall – art jewelry on show

    Inspiration of the week

    How to select and pack jewelry for a week-end trip

    How to run a creative business with big dreams

    Jewelry boot camp

    Rainbow jewelry

    The new jewelry of the Australian Defence Force

    cover_contemporary swedish art jewellery 2013
    Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery

    Sanna Svedestedt featured in new publication on Swedish art jewellery

    2-17-18063-f13_collection1 acne
    How to wear a brooch

    Fall has arrived and its about time to wear that brooch.

    Haati chai collar piece thumb
    Haati Chai Collar jewelry

    Try something cool instead of a tie

    The bling of ancient rome

    Cool and practical jewelry straight from Ancient Rome

    Stacey bentley cufflinks
    Stacey Bentley

    Cufflinks inspired by urban landscapes

    karl apparel herrsmycken sofis mode
    Karl Apparel in Sofis Mode Fashion Magazine

    Feature in Swedish fashion magazine Sofis Mode